Howard Chiam

Learning. Languages. Other stuff.

I'm a Front-End web developer and language nerd with interests in things like:

  • education,
  • web accessibility, and
  • machine learning.


VisBug - a GoogleChromeLabs project

Enable designers to edit any webpage live, in any state. An experimental chrome extension project led by Adam Argyle.

Code Tutor - a Google Assistant app

Let's help people who can't use their hands to learn to code by talking to the Google voice assistant. (Listed in Google Assistant web directory in 2022. Conversational Actions were sunset in 2023.)

Previous work/iterations - I experimented with using api.ai (now named Dialogflow),
→ then Mac VoiceOver and a web interface,
→ then voice programming languages,
→ then a mini JARVIS in the browser,
→ then a couple Google Assistant apps.

The html-template-generator project

Generate code without typing code! This visual UI generates an HTML form as you choose input templates and edit and export all in the browser. No install required.

And yes, I've been experimenting with prompting LLMs like ChatGPT to generate code too.

A streamlined slides app

Easily edit, share, and present slides. https://simple-slides.surge.sh

Built for and tested by a senior with low digital literacy confidence. This slides app ended up being a stepping stone for them to switch to Google Slides.

2D Note generator with vanilla JS

Potential: power 2D apps that people can use together, regardless of vision capabilities?

Continuous Learning

PDF certificate for DeepLearning.AI TensorFlow Developer Specialization on Coursera

Related project repo: comment-analysis

Live demo

Built on work done in: text-similarity-test

PDF certificate for Prompt Engineering course completion on Udemy

Example prompts

Live demo of a pun-based mnemonics generator to help you remember words, as a supplement to learning a language.

Or try my custom GPT: Pun Linguist.

Or try my bookmarklet version of Pun Linguist if you want to use a bookmarklet in just a few clicks.

PDF Certificate for Joshua Comeau's CSS Course

Example GitHub project details (screen size responsiveness and CSS variables).

Live demo

IAAP WAS Badge PDF Certificate for IAAP WAS

Click inside the following demo and then try using just your keyboard to use the <select> dropdown (hit tab or tab+shift to navigate, and hit enter to select).

Live demo: a stylable select dropdown. Combines things learned from Deque's Web Accessibility Specialist exam prep course and also from Joshua W Comeau's CSS for JavaScript Developers course.


Chinese Vocab Mnemonics Storybook - HSK 1

Just a fun summer DIY side-project, to do active learning by sharing a fun way to learn Chinese. Remember how to say Chinese words with fun stories! And tons of puns (helpful ones).


Apple Books


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