Howard Chiam

Learning. Languages. Other stuff.

  • Front-End web developer and language nerd with interests in things like education, accessibility, and machine learning.
  • Built an experimental voice assistant for fun. I was sketching neural networks before the deep learning revolution.
  • Think differently. Enjoy learning and growing.

Interactive Projects:

The html-template-generator Project

Generate code without typing code! This visual UI can generate HTML form template code for you.

Conway's Game of Life - Using React:

Just something fun built with React.js

2D Note generator with vanilla JS:

Potential: power 2D apps that people can use together, regardless of vision capabilities?

GitHub Projects:


PDF certificate for DeepLearning.AI TensorFlow Developer Specialization on Coursera
PDF certificate for Prompt Engineering course completion on Udemy
PDF Certificate for Joshua Comeau's CSS Course
PDF Certificate for IAAP WAS